Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yahoo is Scary

Breaking up is hard to do. I’ve had a yahoo email address since the 90s. At this point it functions as a relay so I rarely actually have to check it. I keep it despite a long held view that Yahoo is growing increasingly, laughably irrelevant- well, to me at least. And I can be quite prickly. I find the Yahoo homepage more saccharine train wreck than informative. It's pop, safe, dumb and irritating. Actually going to is cringe inducing, but then again, I do learn a lot: what kind of shoe are you?, Dude-approved holiday presents… something with 'booty' .... Help.

Yahoo being huge, lord knows why, gives it a type of search engine juice. Lately Yahoo Answers has come up in my searches. It is invariably unrelated to what I was actually searching for, I love that. The uninformed and undecided apparently flock to YA. Haven’t had the pleasure of Yahoo Answers- take a gander.

C'mon people. k

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smear said...

i hate yahoo. i hope they explode. ever since my yahoo email account just stopped allowing me to log on and customer service was NO help, I hate them. I mean, seriously, i needed to provide them w/ the zip code i used when i opened my account over 10 years ago for them to allow me to get my password. When i explained that i didn't remember where i lived, i have had over 10 zip codes in the last 12 years and i could provide all of them, but i didn't know which was the one i used when i opened my account b/c i didn't remember what year it was, they said they couldn't help me. I explained that my ebay account attached to my yahoo email had been compromised and someone probably changed my password. They told me this was impossible. Really? Really?!! They also refused to close my account. What kind of business is that. Then i searched online and found hundreds of others who had the same problem. Steam is coming out of my ears just thinking about it. j