Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Obviously, we are all hesitant to post anything and thus bump down that rad picture of A with B from the top. Maybe we should work it into a masthead logo?
Here's a little picture from xmas past to get us all into the spirit of not buying gifts this season. Of course, it's really just me that needs to be reminded that it's December. There was a high of 72 today here. I wonder if I will ever get used to the seasons in LA. There are seasons, actually, despite what people might tell you. It's just that there's only two of them.

Please note the handwritten label on the bottle above, indicating that its contents are not, in fact, Absolut Vodka, but rather some homemade liquor of Ylva's father's making. Skål!



smear said...

I love love love love LOVE this photo! Where was it taken? That absolut bottle gave me cozy feelings. j

smear said...

In schweden! At Bernd & Kirsten Stuemer's (Ylva's parents') house out in the countryside. I don't remember (hm...) if I had any of the booze in that bottle, but I do remember drinking lots of spicy, warm glogg in front of the fire. It was delicious and so, so cozy. *L

smear said...

yes, exactly! it is the coziest looking photo. so warm, so cozy, so golden hour, but not golden hour. :)