Thursday, December 18, 2008

I've become an obnoxious "liberal" or something

It's a flurry of smearing activity! I was gonna email you both this, but in the off chance that anyone else reads this blog, i thought i would spread the wealth. Visit this website now! Leaving in Baltisplat, this is relatively useless to me, but it would probably help people in real cities out. I had a break down in the fall and stopped eating any non-organic, unstustanably farmed meat. And i've cut just about every good fish out of my diet. My life now sucks as I really do not like pizza or pasta in any form and i live in balitimore. I basically just eat Mexican food. But that's fine, i'm now spending my energies trying to make everyone else miserable with me. You two are already vegetarians, but the websites are still pretty helpful and good to pass on to anyone who might care. j


smear said...

you might also find this interesting too:

smear said...

p.s. this is all the more reason for you to visit LA and eat your heart out. *L