Monday, December 22, 2008


....Some pictures from Sunday and Monday's record snow in Portland. It's been snowing off and on for over a week now... k

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I've become an obnoxious "liberal" or something

It's a flurry of smearing activity! I was gonna email you both this, but in the off chance that anyone else reads this blog, i thought i would spread the wealth. Visit this website now! Leaving in Baltisplat, this is relatively useless to me, but it would probably help people in real cities out. I had a break down in the fall and stopped eating any non-organic, unstustanably farmed meat. And i've cut just about every good fish out of my diet. My life now sucks as I really do not like pizza or pasta in any form and i live in balitimore. I basically just eat Mexican food. But that's fine, i'm now spending my energies trying to make everyone else miserable with me. You two are already vegetarians, but the websites are still pretty helpful and good to pass on to anyone who might care. j

snowy morning

...this is the third snow since Sunday, and it rarely snows in Portland. Not enough for snowshoeing in town yet, but enough to keep me off two wheels, so walk it is.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yahoo is Scary

Breaking up is hard to do. I’ve had a yahoo email address since the 90s. At this point it functions as a relay so I rarely actually have to check it. I keep it despite a long held view that Yahoo is growing increasingly, laughably irrelevant- well, to me at least. And I can be quite prickly. I find the Yahoo homepage more saccharine train wreck than informative. It's pop, safe, dumb and irritating. Actually going to is cringe inducing, but then again, I do learn a lot: what kind of shoe are you?, Dude-approved holiday presents… something with 'booty' .... Help.

Yahoo being huge, lord knows why, gives it a type of search engine juice. Lately Yahoo Answers has come up in my searches. It is invariably unrelated to what I was actually searching for, I love that. The uninformed and undecided apparently flock to YA. Haven’t had the pleasure of Yahoo Answers- take a gander.

C'mon people. k

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Obviously, we are all hesitant to post anything and thus bump down that rad picture of A with B from the top. Maybe we should work it into a masthead logo?
Here's a little picture from xmas past to get us all into the spirit of not buying gifts this season. Of course, it's really just me that needs to be reminded that it's December. There was a high of 72 today here. I wonder if I will ever get used to the seasons in LA. There are seasons, actually, despite what people might tell you. It's just that there's only two of them.

Please note the handwritten label on the bottle above, indicating that its contents are not, in fact, Absolut Vodka, but rather some homemade liquor of Ylva's father's making. Skål!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I wonder if Bill even knows

I'm not sure if y'all will find this as HI-larious as me, but I laughed for probably 10 minutes straight and can't stop laughing now as I write this. I assure you and promise with all my heart that this photo is real and un-photoshopped. Its from years ago, but A. just decided to unearth it now. See below for how normal people pose with a former U.S. president and for more evidence of how A is NOT normal. These photos might explain in full just why i love my boyfriend. j