Thursday, January 29, 2009

He's all i'll ever need

My life is dragging me down. i am mentally, emotionally and even physically exhausted. I used to think the difficulty of a long distance relationship would be how much you miss the person. This is incorrect. It is the unbearable strain on your job, finances, other friendships, ability to travel for fun, private time and life in general. i would have a total breakdown if it were not for this: This is not my greater swiss mountain dog puppy, but one just like it will be arriving at my home some time between august and october, if all goes as planned. All i do all day at work is stare at photos of them. I want to eat its head! its the farking cutest thing ever. I wanna love it and smoosh it and teach it to pick klaes up and move him and teach him to growl at asa when he's in trouble (asa, not the dog. the dog will never be in trouble. i love him already!)

And the even better part is that he will grow into a 110-130 pound mellow, loving, work horse of a dog who can carry my stuff while hiking and plow my garden for me! I mean, look at how big and beautiful he is!

This is truly the only thing keeping me going. i love you little swissy! Just image what would happen if the puppies were covered with baby chicks! Oh my god, my head would pop off my body! j

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Last full day of Bush! Here's a guide to my walk filled weekend. Not really. But I do love long walks, partly for what you see and would likely miss otherwise. Danny spotted this apartment building on a walk in se portland. There was a reasonably cute 1 bedroom available, if you can get past the name. Ack worse than PIN number...

paulrus is dead tags are everywhere in portland, everywhere and with the same message. I remember seeing earlier versions asking where is paulrus or whatsa paulrus or something. Well, apparently it's dead now- part of beatles mythology or so I've heard. do you know about this?
for some reason it reminds me of neckface being everywhere in ny a few years back. -k

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

duct tape

Only for you two would I offer such a humbling picture for public view.  It's all for your amusement, per K's request. Those are supposed to be robot / tin man arms.  I may have to come back and pixelate my face later. 

This is what I did on Xmas day.  K knows to what end, but I'll let J guess... 


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

To my fellow Smearers:

Dear Rachel gave me this mug for christmas because it made her think of me. That made me feel like a million bucks. And, no, she did NOT mean it in the retarded way. I'm posting it here, b/c you 2 are special too. j