Thursday, November 18, 2010

taking indecision to a whole new level

...You can vote and choose whether we abort or keep our unborn child. For the first time, your vote on the topic of abortion can make a difference.

for the first time? If they have the baby, it'll be awesome s/he learns of the blog.


Monday, November 8, 2010

parking enforcement

.....they could have hired the Cleveland tourism guy
...remember how everyone in ny was from ohio? makes sense now ;)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finally: The tapeworm's moment in the sun!

This is just too hilarious to be true. Yet it is. And so close to your humble states, ladies. ;) j


Assigned Number: 1069
Filed: 02/01/2010

Mr. James E. Vaughn

Public Contact Information:
14416 168th Street
Orting, WA 98360
Phone: 253-241-9634
Fax: 253-444-3820

Ballot Title
Statement of Subject: Initiative Measure No. 1069 concerns the state seal.

Concise Description: This measure would require the Washington State Seal to depict a tapeworm attached to a taxpayer’s intestine, encircled by the words: Committed to sucking the life blood out of each and every taxpayer.

Should this measure be enacted into law? Yes [ ] No [ ]

Ballot Measure Summary
This measure would require the Seal of the State of Washington to be changed to depict a vignette of a tapeworm dressed in a three piece suit attached to the lower intestine of a taxpayer shown as the central figure. The seal would be required to be encircled with the following words: “Committed to sucking the life blood out of each and every tax payer.” The illustration would be selected from submissions submitted by taxpayers.

View Complete Text PDF Document - Adobe Acrobat Required

Monday, November 1, 2010

BB & B

So, as you both know, generally you can bring dogs everywhere in NYC. This being the case, Asa brought Quentin to Bed, Bath and Beyond last week. Apparently BB&B has a "dogs in carts" rule and has special doggy shopping carts for them. Soooooo, all 110 pounds of Quentin had to go in the cart. Somehow Asa hefted him in there and, well, you can see the results. Asa said the looks on people's faces and the comments were amazing.

Every time I look at this photo I cannot stop cracking up. Every time. J