Thursday, December 18, 2008

snowy morning

...this is the third snow since Sunday, and it rarely snows in Portland. Not enough for snowshoeing in town yet, but enough to keep me off two wheels, so walk it is.


smear said...

wow. my two co-smearers are great photographers. You guys take the most gorgeous photos. i wish it was snowing here. goddamn baltispore. how much longer do i have to live here? j

smear said...

oooh! nice! that is an awesome picture. it has snowed here too...up in the mountains, of course. but i can see it from my corner, so that kinda counts.

j, k also has a flickr site of beautiful pictures that i discovered without help from her. i made her my flickr friend whether she likes it or not... *L

smear said...

I am heinous at updating flickr; I tend to early adopt and drop the ball. I'll work on it, now that I have a friend. :)