Sunday, June 28, 2009

let's be friends

Photo by Chris McVeigh. Enjoy.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June Bounties

Here ye, Here ye. My gardens as of now. Tomatoes and Peppers: -- not ready yet (enjoy the side view of the backyard with bowsers on the porch):

Herbs -- mostly check. My perennials oregano, chive and sage (to the left) are in full force as is this crazy parsley I planted LAST year. Maddness. The a basil i bought is ok, but all the dill, cilantro and basil seeds i planted aren't happy and i can't figure out why.

As for other foods -- the multi-colored swiss chard is OOC as are my lettuces. The Thai lettuce popped up on its own from seed that fell out last year! Its my champion. The beans got eaten by slugs, but i managed to salvage a few.And finally, my flowers. I won't go into the story of how some Hampden Halfwit tore out all of my grape vines and myraid other flowers INSTEAD of the poison ivy he was supposed to remove, but I planted 2 other tropical flowering vines instead (white flowers) and enough things survived in my flower garden to keep me from killing everything. My favorite are the pink Phlox. One small root was given to me from a garden in VA 3 years ago and they have exploded. I love them.
Ahh, Baltispore, you're bountiful bossom gives suckle to the hopeless in these pathetic times. j

Monday, June 8, 2009

death to trustafarians had to happen; maybe bburg will be less annoying? and less expensive without daddy's money inflating costs..

Friday, June 5, 2009


Well, almost. These plants are thriving; I am already picking the basil and arugula. Yum. I cannot wait until I am teeming with tomatoes. Which should be in a few weeks; oh, my neighbors are in for it.

On the right is called Bloody Butcher (with the oyster shell)