Saturday, June 26, 2010


Ah, the vagaries of life. Rarely do we experience actual moments that we can point to and say, "That is when everything changed for the better." But I may have just had one yesterday... LSAT scores are finally out, and in the interest of avoiding the false modesty that I dislike in others, I'm just gonna say it straight up: I kicked the LSAT's feeble little ass. I scored much, much higher than I anticipated, and now my entire picture of my future has changed, opened up, brightened, even! I am still in disbelief...I'm mostly sitting around, staring into space today, too stunned to really think.

It's now actually quite possible that I could find myself living in Cambridge, Mass or Palo Alto, CA in another year or so. Of course, there's still a lot of work left to get myself there, but the biggest hurdle has been successfully jumped. The thought of finding myself in school with the 23-year-old super geniuses that usually attend these places has been amusing me too... Kinda picture myself a little out of place, not completely unlike Reese Witherspoon above. I've never seen Legally Blonde, but somehow I know that she gets into Harvard because of a surprisingly high LSAT score...

AHHHHH! I'm a bit overwhelmed today.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

'nother one bites the dust

Another Hollywood Video closed and we scored a load of super cheap movies. We were in the car and saw the breadcrumbs signs leading to the carnage, er, closing. If they had Black Adder it would have been perfect. No foreign section that I could discern- hallo?- that's why you went out of business. Well, no. But a few months back, I stumbled into another (Blockbuster?) closing and cleanup up nicely; they just don't have the best range, but I was happy to replace to replace some favorites that I had on vhs (of all things).
We did some weeding and dropped several of these. -k