Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Indeed for Walmart

Oh what the hell is wrong with people. An employee at a Valley Stream, NY Walmart died after being trampled by really anxious shoppers. According to the NYT, shoppers broke doors off their hinges around 4:55am and things got ugly and dangerous.

From NYT: At 3:30 a.m., store employees called the Nassau police to report that the crowd was growing quickly, the police said. Officers came by to try to organize the line, but were called away to a Circuit City, a Best Buy and a B.J.’s Wholesale Club nearby, to deal with crowds there. .

A young man is dead. Jesus people, it's just shopping. *k

Photo Fox News

Photo just before stampede from


smear said...

reading some james baldwin today that seems to reflect on the causes for this: speaking of America as opposed to Europe, "In a way, status became a kind of substitute for identity, and because money & the things money can buy is the universally accepted symbol here of status, we are often condemned as materialists. In fact, we are much closer to being metaphysical because nobody has ever expected from things the miracles that we expect." calling this behavior animalistic still doesn't help me understand it. but realizing that these people actually are expecting their lives to improve through possession of these objects is confusing in a newer way. though no less sad. *l

Jessica said...

I am truly hoping that there is some way for the dead employee's family to class action sue all of those shoppers. I'm sure they have no money to give up to a law suit, but just the act of forcing them to go to court and realize what they have done, while being faced with the public shame of being identified to the world would really please me. A and his co-workers have a term: HFH. Hatred for humanity. Working in a restaurant is one of the causes of this affliction (as i can well attest to). Reading about walmart shopers murdering a man for slightly cheaper merchandise also inflames HFH. j