Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm so proud

Meet Maria. She's asa's friend and awesome and crazy b/c she just ran the entire NYC marathon in under 4 hours but superb b/c she ran for obama. This photo is from the NY times! I find it all very inspiring.


smear said...

So cool, thanks Maria! (slide 5 btw). I just dropped off my ballot yesterday, vote by mail or drop off here in OR..
Very inspiring! Good thing to post on this Monday. k

smear said...

..nice use of the cat function J; your rhyme takes it to a new, ahem, level.

smear said...

yeah! that's great! i am proud, and i don't even know her. also, i've started warning some folks about the impending civil war if obama "somehow" doesn't win. screw that moving-to-canada nonsense, i am staying put for now. there are cooler places to move to than canada anyway. *l