Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fuck the auto industry

You all know how super pumped I was and am about this election and a future president Obama. And there are bound to be disagreements and disappointments over the years. But unless Obama decides to increase farm subsidies, NOTHING could be more disappointing to me than his support of an auto industry "rescue package." Indeed, I'm quite pissed. I've written every senator and congressman I can think of, as well as Obama himself. I'm sure it won't matter.

The American auto industry has been making sub-par cars for years, while at the same time actively working to lower environmental standards and block research into alternative forms of auto energy. Let them fail: they are not failing b/c of the bad economy, but because of their poor products and bad business model.
Instead, why can't congress be creative and put together a package for pension support, unemployment and job retraining for the workers in this shit industry. Giving the American auto groups a bail out will only temporarily stave off the massive loss of jobs that will occur someday when there are no bailouts left. Argh! j


Greg said...

I still think he's going to continue dissolving my liberties and freedoms. I can only hope that might occasionally glance at the US constitution, and see his actual job description, from time to time. not like the last douchebag we had in office. Also, did you see this? It's great.

smear said...

I strongly agree, J. I'm pissed about bailouts in general. Including those for people who bought houses they couldn't afford. I didn't buy because I knew I couldn't afford one. Why don't I get help buying my house now?
Your suggestion makes much more sense than an auto industry bailout, one of the more absurd phrases I've seen in the papers recently. And there have been a few... *L

Anonymous said...

and here we are 2 years later...bailouts happened, environmental concerns all but forgotten, and GM is making money again.

"Change" is a sham...this petrol mindset is going to doom us all...probably sooner than later.