Friday, February 8, 2008


I know i put the link to this book under my links, but i feel the need to post this image as well. The Deep trumps any other book i've seen in its beauty, depth of information and ability to emphasis the reality that nothing we create is really novel. This fish is a female. Attached to her at the bottom (i'm not sure if you can see) is another, small fish, about 1/20th her size. This is the male. He spends his whole life attached to her, until he eventually disolves into the folds of her abundant flesh. j


smear said...

the little yellow dumbo octopus is pretty popular these days. i'm partial to the glowing sucker octopus myself, and the spook fish and ping pong tree sponge. not to mention the unidentified anglerfish. jawohl!

smear said...

I just finished Aliens2 last noche. This reminds me of the queen. *K