Thursday, February 7, 2008


yes, that is a bust of the pope under plexi in the middle of a table in a family-style chain restaurant. taken on my cell phone on the way to the restroom.
as half italian-american, i don't know what to make of boca de buca's quasi-catholic shrine room. am i offended in some way by southern california's gaudy take on what it means to be italian, or am i amused at the kitschy near-heresy of it all?
in general, i find there are not as many italians around as i am used to. i thought everyone was catholic up until 5th grade. in new york, pizza joints looked like pizza joints. in la, they look like this:
Just imagine spinning that lazy susan around to get another spoonful of pasta. it's like a mini popemobile. *L


smear said...

holy jesus. and that's pronounced the spanish way. though far, far worse, that photo reminds me of a classy restaurant here in baltispolg, della note, which contains a live olive tree in the center of its demure greeting area. but, unlike (i'm guessing) the probably delicious place you were attending, della notes food is crap and very expensive. in fact, everything about the place screamed QUEENS. sigh. i must really want OUT of baltispore if i all of a sudden just missed queens. j

smear said...

Is this related to the place with the girly ribbons and flying unicorn? Do you remember that pic?