Saturday, February 9, 2008

Brandy! By the Wonderful Mr. October

I know that this has special meaning for J. L, you'll love it too.
* K


smear said...

That's K's favorite song! She LOVES it. I'm going to have to find something reaaaaally special for you K, b/c now that farking song is stuck in my head and i KNOW i'm gonna have nightmares about that dude's hair.
As a side note, every now and then I go back and look at that photo of us on the scooter and i cannot stop laughing. seriously. i think that is one of the top 2 photos ever taken of me in my life. The other one was in a photo booth w/ my friend nicole. i have a similar look on my face. j

Fejar said...

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smear said...

Oh the randomness. What gives with the comment spam? Sweet graphics on your site tho..

smear said...

Oh, J, what's not to love about this song? Sailors, a white-trash girl's unrequited white-trash love, sailors? Although I think Mr. October could've added a little more pathos to his rendition. l