Friday, February 1, 2008

More Football News: Arlen Specter You Big Kidder!

He's just joshing, right? Republican Sen. Arlen Specter from the commonwealth of PA and ranking member of the Senate Judiciary committee wants answers to tough questions. Questions such as why the N.F.L. commissioner destroyed files related to the Patriots spying on the NY Jets. Yikes. Can one infer that this is the most important thing going on in PA? How idyllic. No homeless people, no hungry kids, no crime, no ugly people. Sorry. Crikey, the Jets are not even from NY. Musings of antitrust status and the destruction of spy tapes oooh are pretty compelling. Potentially lots of money, but no lives at stake, so carry on. *K


Jerzy said...

I like cheese. Pickles are delicious.

Jessica said...

Seriously. You'd think there was absolutely nothing to do. Why does anyone even care about this, outside of football fans? j