Thursday, February 11, 2010


Fine. Fine! If you are both going to tease me with pictures of your adorable canines, I'm going to show you some of the awesome dog whose poop I don't even have to pick up:

So he sometimes likes to remove a plant or two so he can stick his face in the dirt and take a nap. Who doesn't?

And there's always this little ball of fuzz:



Jessica said...

oh yay! So cute!! I love how dogs love smooshing their faces in dirt, snow, mulch, mud, pretty much anything cold and dirty. Meanwhile, I KNOW you took those photos recently. Goddamn LA. Its like you live in a sun paradise. Its like you can take a walk in the morning w/out dying on sidewalks coated w/ an inch of ice. (I love the kitty too. Meow!)

smear said...

They are so pretty. I've kinda been wanting a cat lately; actually a rabbit, but that's not gonna happen so I shifted. I love how dogs and cats are so sun seeking it's so funny. It was actually sunny (!@#$?) in Portland for a bit and dogs were sprawled on the grass, lawns everywhere.