Saturday, February 6, 2010

Got a wee bit of snow today

Well. This is what I woke up to this morning. It sure is lovely. Unfortunately, since this is Baltimore, I am not going to be able to leave my house for at least 4 days. Seriously. On a high note, the snow really makes my neighborhood look a lot classier than it really is.

This last photo is from a smaller snow storm we had last week, but I just wanted to show it b/c he looks so awesome and I'm so proud of his sweet jumping skills. I'm a loosah. j

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smear said...

Ah, cabin fever! At least you got some animals to cuddle with. Really you're trapped? They don't plow there?

When it snows here no one (and I mean no one except me) shovels walkways, so it's more treacherous than it really has it be. Everyone just shuts down, panic and abandons their cars on freeway ramps. doi!

But...I love how the snow makes everything so quiet, and temporarily pristine. That is until the exhaust stains and and (dog) poo take over.
Quentin looks like he really enjoys the snow, what a jumper.