Sunday, February 7, 2010

Luke invades the dog park

Kind of a perfect Saturday morning- no rain first off and Luke at the dog park. Luke (yellow puppia halter) particularly enjoyed sniffing the bum of a 215 lb great dane. Luke is super fast and wants nothing more than to be chased and a chance to use his moves- lots of fast breaks and darting. Kind of the anti-Forrest.


Jessica said...

aww. luke's a plucky little guy! And look at that fierce collar! I bet he and quentin would have a ton of fun together. Do you hate going to the dog park too? I'm always so tired and grumpy when i'm there. i hate talking to strangers.

smear said...

I already know that Luke is a charmer, but those pictures are amazing!! That second one in particular should be on a dog calendar. Not that I know anything about those... *L