Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ich bin ein berliner

While I still fantasize (often) about picking up & moving to Berlin again, it's with the knowledge (already acquired on my second trip there) that it will not be like it was. This post on a much more studious blog really gets some things right: Speaking about Tacheles, he says,

After the initial excitement of chancing upon some sort of liberated space, you soon realise there's not much going on here except the similarly egoistic gestures of tagging and extremely bad neo-expressionist painting - and even more than the rest of Berlin, it always seemed to be almost entirely populated by expats from the USA, UK and Japan, and a Berliner here is as rare as a Dutchman in an Amsterdam 'coffee shop'.

Ah, yes, that Berliner art... But the bad art is part of the charm of the city! But being overrun with other Americans, hmm.... not sure I'd be as accepting about that. Because, of course, I pretend I was there first. OG.


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Jessica said...

Oh my god, that photo just really brought me back! God, what a great time that was. I loved it there and i loved your neighborhood and i loved my old neighborhood and i love the beer. And the doner kababs. oh my god, i would give ANYTHING to be able to have those here. sigh.
Remember who you met at tachaleus?....