Thursday, February 19, 2009

pop up ad

..aah, this just's so schlocky and ridiculous. ( shirt+apple+4 to take a screen capture in mac) Juxtaposing Obama, a yes/no on the economy, free stuff and that it is a pop up I found a pretty insulting interruption, you know? thought I'd share it.
folks click to share their dazzling insights and be heard , score a free t-shirt and get a $50 restaurant gift card...maybe. (site owner) testing to see if folks will click on free dirt, if their voice is counted.
Oh. I am cranky an getting a cold.

what are you two up to? I am excited for spring. Spring forward March 8!


smear said...

yes, just like blogs and twitter and yelp, etc. allow people to widely voice opinions no one really wants to hear, so do 'survey' pop-up ads feed off of the way that everybody thinks that they are smart. i think fake-deep movies like the insipid "little children" and "american beauty" stem from the same thing, ultimately. and speaking of overrated movies, did you guys see "slumdog millionaire"? did anyone else notice that while the direction & editing were good, the story itself was predictable and utterly dull & silly? i am smart, my opinion on this matters! *L

smear said...

Thanks for sharing! Your t-shirt is on its way.
...are you seething with slumdog's win? I didn't see it but read that its ultimately an old time hollywood love story (yeech) all very feel good, just via mumbai. and with dancing.
it had to win though what with two (dead) 70s pols, a nazi war crime trial and and old baby. ;) Maybe with the economy imploding people feel fragile and need bright, syrupy break into dance films to transport them...

Jessica said...

That movie little children was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad. oh my god. how does that even get made?! I didn't see slumdog, but asa had similar comments as you, L.

smear said...

there is actually no dancing in 'slumdog,' except over the end credits as an homage to bollywood. it's just an overwrought 'love' story about a guy who overromanticizes a woman he doesn't even really know. really, they would break up within a year after the end of the movie, when he realizes she's just a person and she realizes he is insane. and 'little children'--blech! i was very impressed with myself that i didn't just shut it off the second that laughable narration kicked in. i'm really supposed to believe that kate winslet, of the beautiful bone structure and big eyes, is homely? they make her hair frizzy and that's supposed to mean she's suddenly plain? it's hilarious! it's so ridiculous it's almost a spoof of itself, which is a pretty rare level of ridiculous.
obviously, i have a lot to say about this. *l