Tuesday, March 3, 2009


nice. *L


smear said...

Clean coal harnesses the awesome power of the word 'clean.' ...

Lots of disinformation out there; clean, green, dancing machine.

aww, I love the Coen brothers-and talk about using your powers for good.
I just saw "Burn After Reading", I like a good US intelligence farce but bar left me somewhat empty and disconnected afterward. Tho I do appreciate those aspects :) It reminded of Bushies Mission Accomplished
speech in which he landed on an aircraft carrier. ( Ah, maybe that's just the aughties talking)
My favorite is still "blood simple" ah that ending. (and I don't talk at all through that one, L!) :: they are masters.


Jessica said...

Lol! K. I didn't understand a word of your comment! But i am going to buy myself some clean coal. that stuff looks great! I miss you guys!

smear said...

wait, did J just type "lol"?
*l ...ol