Sunday, September 21, 2008


My post-cultural-studies mind can't even handle what I got in the mail from Sarah. Plush Wiener Schnitzel and french fries of felt. Simulacrum of food have fascinated me for a while, from the immediate post-undergrad days when I bought Julie a fake doughnut "sculpture" that she kept on her desk and which confounded her co-workers for months at a time. But this confounds me. What should I do with it? Leave it on the dining room table for a while? As a non-meat-eater, it has a particularly strong something for me. One would never confuse this with real food, but somehow it feels like it's veering into the territory of the Unheimlich, in being a useless, permanent representation of something fundamentally useful and impermanent. And I do love french fries. *L

p.s. It was made in Germany, not America, so take that, Eco & Baudrillard.


smear said...

...i like the odd, cloying symmetry of the fries. do with it what you can't with food- maybe the middle of the floor? *k

smear said...

I can't look at that ketchup packet without thinking of a tongue. A strangly think, stumpy, provoking tongue. I feel as if it is challenging me. Do it, lady. Eat a fry. Smear my ketchup tongue on your food. On your face. Its bothering me. j

sarah said...

ha ha!!!!!