Friday, September 12, 2008

exit only

I love the idea of tiny houses and their minimalist footprints (carbon and otherwise), etc... But where would I put all of my thrift-store finds? I'm personally not ready for the extremity of the little guy above, but he's headed in my direction... Fletcher is my exit.
Photo from NY Times.


smear said...

I love these too. They are so perfect, like sailboats. I'd love one with bike powered energy. I tell myself that a bike generator is my winter project.

I distract myself with
this sometimes. -k

smear said...

Oh, I don't 2 must have WAY better green credentials than me. The sight of both those "domiciles" (especially the trailer) makes me very depressed. Not that i need 3,000 square feet or anything, but those are both past my happiness levels. On the other hand, I did really enjoy this article: Something along the lines of that guys cape house (or other style) is about as much as i can stomach. J

smear said...

I couldn't get that link to the economist J.

yeah, I am really not that deep. For me, there's some sort of functional dollhouse quality. I think it is just so interesting to use what you have so precisely.

btw, our new place is a very well laid out 1280 sq ft. so, like 15 of those....still not big