Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blue Lake to Distract Me

I was inclined to post a mournful tome about the tragedy of 9/7/2008 expressing my feelings of shock, dismay, forlornness and waining hope. But the pain is too sharp, the disappointment too fresh. And really, what use is it? I mean, that's fine if the god of the one sport i love and care about and look forward to all farking year as a bringer of the sweet cool winds of fall and winter and all that's cozy in the world wants to kick me in the ribs and gouge out my eyes in some oedipal retribution for i don't know what. Seriously. That's just fine. So instead:
A and I went to blue lake, CA to visit my long held friend, eeeeee, who lives there in all of northern california's splendor. It was farking beautiful. My second encounter with a black sand beach. And at least 10 degrees cooler than my dual home cities. I actually wore a cashmere sweater! I long to post the photo of a's butt that i took as he went for an impromptu swim in a river. But i won't. Instead, enjoy the others. Especially the one of my feet. Ain't they purdy? J


smear said...

Beautiful! I drove up to San Fran/ Oakland myself this past weekend and was very excited to be wearing sweaters. Wool ones! *L

smear said...

What a beautiful place! I know you love that weather. What is that stuff in the third pic?

And I am sorry about Brady. tough one kid!


Jessica said...

Its this cool moss that hangs from the tree branches. i thought it was beautiful and ethereal.