Saturday, November 7, 2009

my morning....

(this white car is about to hit 2 ft of water...yippee. I am taking shelter via the underpass, scooter illegalishly wedged off to the right. :: phone cam not as good as L's...)

hmph, I had a rough couple of hours, which involved awesome wind, rain, flooding, getting stuck, likely ruining my boots (!@#$), soaking a library book and freezing...all of this fun was had on my scooter. Attention, 1-2 foot huge puddles and scooters do not mix. If I could of had picked it up and threw it, I would've. The below cheered me right up. It might well become my new silly standby, displacing this genius. Maybe not.

Note: I didn't actually want tc's puss on smear either, but hopefully it's worth pain.


Jessica said...

I love those re-worked movie trailers. The best one i've seen is "must love jaws." Its really good.

Sorry about your rain soaked fall. Scooters and bad weather don't mix, huh? Blag, what a drag.

Who is TC? Puss? Wait! Tom Cruise! Yup, now i get it. FINALLY! sigh

smear said...

Yes, while I have to credit Portland for its amazingly bike-friendly streets, I also wonder how well-suited that city really is for bike-friendliness overall. And scooter-friendliness. Still better than LA, though! Some maniac doctor was screeching his car to a halt in front of cyclists--on purpose, more than once--and sent several of them to the hospital here. He was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon, at least.

I think the TC was worth it. But the pugs! The pugs! *L