Tuesday, November 17, 2009

But he's so cute!

Well, I wish I could say I have something else to post other than my dog. Alas, months and months have gone by and no, nothing. Just dog. So, he's 8 months old now. 95 pounds. A giant goofball. J

Oh, and, this is how he sleeps:


smear said...

ahhhh! I love him!! I want to use so many more exclamation points but I find that childish and aesthetically unappealing!!

smear said...

quentin is so cute and he looks smart too. ecept when he sleeps, it all kinda falls apart there- he's (got) quite a package, eh? I can't decide which pic I like the best- the first or the third...

And every dog has a hedgehog- seriously, what is with that? Forrest has gone through probably five in his life. Luke disemboweled one; green foamy innards where all over my rug.

Hang in the Klaes.

I feel you on the"!".