Friday, June 5, 2009


Well, almost. These plants are thriving; I am already picking the basil and arugula. Yum. I cannot wait until I am teeming with tomatoes. Which should be in a few weeks; oh, my neighbors are in for it.

On the right is called Bloody Butcher (with the oyster shell)



Jessica said...

Your tomatoes are AWESOME! Until I get a greenhouse, this is the LAST year i grow tomatoes from seed. I mean, i was all like "i'm going to do the whole thing myself" but year after year, i don't get tomatoes until August b/c i can't start them until the end of april/early may. Same goes for basil. but when i DO get a grown tomato plant, the photos are coming here. j

kasey goltra said...

yeah, these were starts- not seed. Who has time for that? How are you muffin? I am going to be updating so you can see the bounty! They are already way bigger than in ths pic.