Thursday, March 13, 2008

Baby Chickens!

Last night I watched the movie Baraka. There are many intellegent and thoughtful things I could say about this film, but intstead I am going to focus on the most awesome part of the movie: the part when baby chickens are everywhere. If you haven't seen this fine film, I highly recommend it. It shows thousands of baby chickens being tagged and sorted and chucked down chutes. They are so farking cute I could start freaking out right now at the thought of it. I am thiiiiiiiis close to running away and getting a job in a chicken factory so I can be the lucky duck to sort the baby chickens. I would probably get fired though, because I would simply NOT be able to stop myself from shoving 2, 3, even 4 baby chickens in my mouth at regular intervals. I suppose this sort of behavior renders a hairnet and gloves unnecessary. I love baby chickens! I want to smear them all over my body! I want to go down the chute with the baby chickens
and be a baby chicken too! sigh. j


Gregor Mendel said...

It can easily be arranged. In most states you can buy baby chickens this time of year, and they cost like $1 a pop. plus, there are state laws in place that make you have to buy like 6 or 12, instead of just one (for some animal rights reason or something foolish). so... you could be the person to buy 1200 and then make them put an upper limit on buying chicks! Also, please wear a chicken costume when the cops arrive at your house, and run while skwaking. I want to see that on "Cops".

smear said...

This movie is beautiful. I think I need to see it again...thanks for sharing. And thank you too Gregor for the chick shopping tips.

smear said...

crazy! As I was driving to work today, some feathers flew in front of my windshield & I noticed I was driving next to a truck filled with chickens stacked in little crates. I don't like chickens, I think they're gross and taste like nothing, but it still made me pretty depressed. But seeing them as babies is totally different! And so many of them going down the conveyor....! Thank you for brightening my day with the cuter side of it all... *L
P.S. I am not being sarcastic, that shit really does make me happier, as sick as it is.