Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's Electric

Friends, I spotted the elusive electric wookie today, for as hard as these pic were to get- you'd think they would be better. These do not capture the extent of the sequins, or were they rhinestones, no matter, I risked my life to bring you these. The winged animal on the back was absolutely glistening and yes, those pockets are studded. Enjoy.

And natch he was looking at jewelry- despite being the glitz equivalent of falling off his barstool. hearts, k


smear said...

ah! sasquatch! in portland, i'm sure this is a rare sighting. because even in LA, even in Glendale, this would be something of a moment! i esp like the blurry second pic, the elusive creature running off to hide before the white of his garments gets dulled by the gray touch of humanity. thanks, k, for risking limb for us smearers... *L

smear said...

you know, my sighting came exactly when you called me on Sunday...and prompted the post (and proves you are not the ew)