Saturday, June 26, 2010


Ah, the vagaries of life. Rarely do we experience actual moments that we can point to and say, "That is when everything changed for the better." But I may have just had one yesterday... LSAT scores are finally out, and in the interest of avoiding the false modesty that I dislike in others, I'm just gonna say it straight up: I kicked the LSAT's feeble little ass. I scored much, much higher than I anticipated, and now my entire picture of my future has changed, opened up, brightened, even! I am still in disbelief...I'm mostly sitting around, staring into space today, too stunned to really think.

It's now actually quite possible that I could find myself living in Cambridge, Mass or Palo Alto, CA in another year or so. Of course, there's still a lot of work left to get myself there, but the biggest hurdle has been successfully jumped. The thought of finding myself in school with the 23-year-old super geniuses that usually attend these places has been amusing me too... Kinda picture myself a little out of place, not completely unlike Reese Witherspoon above. I've never seen Legally Blonde, but somehow I know that she gets into Harvard because of a surprisingly high LSAT score...

AHHHHH! I'm a bit overwhelmed today.


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Jessica said...

I know this is late, but: WAY TO GOOOOOOO!!!! And: lol -- the comparison of you w/ reese witherspoon in legally blonde just made my WEEK. Great movie, btw. I hope you move to Mass. For my own selfish reasons, sorry K. :)