Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I dawdled and took my sweet time with it, but some months ago I finally finished all five seasons of The Wire. Saying goodbye was hard, but I figured that, as with other changes in life, it would just take some time. But days like today, when I'm home sick, a bit too tired to read for long, yet longing for something worthwhile to fill this sudden free time with...



Jessica said...

Oh the goddamn wire. I would probably have watched this show if it weren't for people constantly saying to me, as soon as I say i live in baltispore -- "oh! Have you seen the wire?"

I'm sure they are just trying to make conversation but i really just want to reply "no, asshole, you live in NYC? Have you seen law and order?"

Hmmm. Am i too bitchy?

smear said...

The thing is, they HAVE seen Law & Order, about 100 times, I'd guess.

Really, my only associations with Baltimore are the Wire and John Waters too, soo... Be as bitchy as you like, but maybe watch the show before you get too annoyed with people? It's the kind of show that folks like to chat about, so your living in Bmore nicely opens up into that conversation. They might think you have some personal insights into the corrupt, inept Bmore city administration that the show is about. You do seem to have some commentary about that, if I remember correctly.

See? Look at me rambling on about it all. Case in point. *L

smear said...

J, Yes you is.

I am so going to watch this. I've been meaning to for about four years; now that I am in Pdx I can't really claim L&O, jk. Tho we do have Leverage ahem (well shot here at least)

And all the way through.
Not gonna do like I did with the second season of Lost; I still haven't gotten back to. ugh.

J, John Waters and Mencken (you're not too far from his house J! is that on your tour when folks visit?) And The Wire.


Jessica said...

lol. Chalk up two for bitchy. Perhaps I am, but in my defense, I would agree w/ you, L, if people brought that up in conversation with me. But it is literally the FIRST thing people say when they meet me (this is able to happen b/c its usually people asa knows from work so they have heard about me and know I live in Baltimore). He says, "___, this is J!" and they go, "oh my god, have you seen the wire?" Not "oh funny, i hear you live in baltimore, I always think of the wire when I hear..." but you know, fuck that, that would be obnoxious too. How about a "hi, nice to meet you" or something first? Sigh. Maybe I just hate everyone. But not you two!