Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thanks but no..

Really just how cute is this litter? I am telling you, Portland is that charming. I found this on the last doggy walk this evening. Luke and Forrest were impressed, (full disclosure they each had one). The fries were cold btw, next time maybe timestamp that shit.



smear said...

You know, French fries are basically the most irresistable food I can think of. If there is a hot plate of fries in front of me, there is almost no way for me to resist, whether they are mine or not. I have even stolen fries from strangers in the neighboring lane at a bowling alley. (They left them so close!) But.....even I have my limits. Thanks anyway, Portland... *L

Jessica said...

First of all, L -- that is hilarious! Second of all, after looking at that photo, K, I fully expected a story about how what was in the bag was definitely NOT french fries. Aww, Portland is such an innocent place. I'm glad the dogs, at least, got to enjoy the treat. :)