Friday, December 4, 2009

Hell froze over (aka: Its a Christmas Miracle!)

Well, here you have it. Photos. Check out the food spread! Mmmmm, oysters. Mmmmmm, caviar. You gotta love the blue ribbon guys for making an already special occassion even better. And for taking great camera phone pictures. I wish you both had been there. j


smear said...

I love you guys!!!!!!!!! It's worth that much excess punctuation! I have been so, so happy for you both since I heard the news. It's a little pathetic, even, on my part. But happy!!!!
I cannot wait for this wedding! K and I will have some serious fun writing you a toast, whether you like it or not. Yippee!

smear said...

Damn you to are so cute! Especially Jsmear, you look so happy. I am so happy for you guys. I love oysters and I love you. He's totally got your number, Christmastime...? That's not even playing fair ;)

L, I love how you are doling out the writing assignments; like it or not.