Tuesday, August 26, 2008

analog vs. digital

I got a digital camera for my birthday (my first & only)... and I also got a scanner, with which I've digitized a number of my old film prints.  Funny how the memories I associate with these film prints seem sharper now that I've digitized them.  I think it's due pretty much to seeing them in a newer forum (my flickr site) and the contrast that creates.  But still, it's made wonder about images & memory in general.  And should I print out my digital photos now?  I never really considered it. *L 


smear said...

L, thanks for sharing these... daily updates please! So good. I really like to happen upon things and not question it too much (the phone post below and all pug related things...) which means always carrying a camera or wishing I did. can't wait for more..and don't just send me to flickr ;) *K

lotsinspace said...

the photo of the men and the river is my favorite.