Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I experienced my first earthquake yesterday, but since I neither have photographs of it nor anything interesting to say about it (other than to note that my cat eagerly ran and stood in the doorway while I stood in the middle of the living room watching my shelving unit wobble), I'll share these photos from the John Lautner architecture tour that I volunteered for on Sunday. Amazing!

I have about 450 more pictures of the three houses I saw, but I'll spare you, and our bandwidth.


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smear said...

Well done kitty! That gave me a good chuckle. Those photos are beautiful, but most importantly: I want those boots!! Go! Find that woman and take them! Truth be told, i can't believe you didn't pin her ass down and take them right then, but that's cool. Really. I'm fine with it. Toooottttally fine. j