Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rally the masses

Greg made me post on another (gasp!) blog for some retardo "contest" he's trying to win. The blog is about food and wine, created by one of my fellow students. In a shameless attempt to stir up customers, i posted our blog's address on a forum link. This is part ONE of my attempt to see how easy it is to become famous on the internet. j


smear said...


Gregor Mendel said...

I have two comments for you. the first is as follows.


Gregor Mendel said...

the second, is relating to how you, Jessica, have become famous (infamous?) on the world wide web.


Gregor Mendel said...

Also, I hope my friends are not like those in the picture! and if they are the masses, do I need to give the daily dose of opiates (religion) to them (you all) too? I can do it, since I'm an ordained minister in this church.


Donna said...

despite the fact that you chose to represent greg and not me in our little contest, ill still say hi and cool blog ;)

Michael said...

What a stupid contest!!! I'm embarrassed to be on the same internet as that contest! Donna and Greg must be reeaaall biiiiiigg looooosers :P

But this is why I love them.