Saturday, May 17, 2008


We walked around today and were headed home after I essentially handed Danny my queen during lunch. On the way we encountered a parade for the Syttende Mai celebration hosted by Grieg Lodge, Portland's chapter of the Sons of Norway. The sun was absolutely blazing with temperatures in the high 90s. Wilt. I was just excited to be out walking. Earlier in the week, I had bizarrely smashed the tops of BOTH of my feet in separate incidents and was unable to wear real shoes. (you cannot make that up)

It was great to see these folks celebrating and enjoying the heat; their real shoes transmitting the pavement's intensity. The best part was the tiny lady sandwiched between her car and a police motorcycle shouting, "Go Norway!" She was, near as I could tell, the parade's lone intentional attendant.


Gregor Mendel said...

Horses are cool and all, but rabbits are cooler.

smear said...

nice. the only thing missing is a picture of your "shoes." *L