Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It's easy to be cynical about contemporary art, especially if you've lived in New York for a while. But then you come across something great, in my case and in this example, Walton Ford. "Wow," you think, "this is amazing stuff, beautiful but disturbing," etc., etc. And you get a little excited (and then a little frustrated when you realize you just barely missed a big exhibition of his work at the Brooklyn Museum, which used to be just a short bus ride away), and you keep images of his paintings on your desktop for a long time, and look for books of his work. None available. For several years. And then you hear Taschen will be publishing one! Oh, wait. The price for it is $1800. F you!

But directed towards you guys: thought you might find his work interesting. It's not all monkeys, I just have an apparent affinity. * L


smear said...

$1800?!! Are you kidding? What's the deal, will this guy not license his work? I was just in the Taschen store the other week and they had all sorts of cool stuff but i didn't look at any price tags b/c all i could keep thinking was "tachentucher" over and over again in my head. then i tried to explain to a. how hilarious that is and he responded with a sort of, "mmm hmmm, that's nice sweety. you're so pretty." No one gets my genius.

Gregor Mendel said...

I'm cynical about contemporary art, and I've lived in Baltimore for a while. also, I like the monkey, i hope he evolves to think abstractly and use that skull for some kind of tool. go evolution! hizzah!